Revoseal - Awesome apllications require awesome gasekts

Decades of experience and expertise.

The smooth operation of your plants determines the efficient and profitable productivity of your company. In the chemical, petrochemical, gas production and related industries, the small and almost invisible elements of a plant or column play a central role: the seals. In interaction with the flange connections, they have a considerable influence on the operational reliability and service life of machines.

When dealing with flange connections, extensive know-how, great precision and proven action are essential. As a long-standing partner to the process industry, our service offering for turnaround, plant shutdown and revision [TAR] provides you with competent on-site support, professional installation and the best possible service, both before and during the TAR project. Our decades of experience and our expertise as a seal manufacturer, guarantee you an efficient approach.

The revoseal service

Quality assurance during flange assembly

Strict adherence to shutdown times and budget during a TAR project, requires the operator to start up all shutdown equipment smoothly and on time. Leaks that occur during start-up and are the result of improper installation often cause significant time delays and associated budget overruns. We have qualified personnel who can assist you with the inspection process. The use of the correct materials, as well as proper installation, are monitored and documented by us. Since each shutdown is individual, the scope and methodology is worked out with the customer in advance.

Calculation of flange connections according to DIN EN 1591-1

We calculate the tightening torques for the assembly of the flange connections and thus also provide you with the mathematical proof of tightness, in accordance with TA Luft / VDI 2290. In order to be able to perform the calculation precisely, we require the characteristic values of the components used (flanges, gaskets and bolts) from you. After recording and analyzing all existing gaskets, our experts can use these calculations to create individual tightness concepts for your site or plants. In doing so, the number of gasket types, gasket sizes, and gasket materials used will be optimized with a view to costs and benefits, thus significantly increasing the efficiency of your plants.

Our qualification: Experience

What makes revoseal unique and sets us apart from the competition is not only our innovative sealing systems, but also our customer-oriented approach. We always have our customers' wishes and needs in mind and have therefore tailored our products and, above all, our service to them. As a sealing expert, we offer various services related to sealing technology. We support our customers in the quality assurance of flange assembly as an independent expert and act as a full service provider in the event of critical shutdowns of individual plant components. As a result, we have already been able to successfully manage many shutdowns according to plan and anticipate problems at an early stage and remedy them accordingly. With over 30 years of experience, we consciously trust in the abilities of our competent colleagues. Each individual at revoseal takes responsibility. In close coordination with our customers, we take care of planning, supervise installation, check relevant components, analyze necessary processes, avoid costs, guarantee safety and reduce downtime duration, with our experienced and certified personnel. We are the right partner for your undertakings.


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