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awesome applications require awesome gaskets

We are revoseal

Awesome applications require awesome gaskets


The productivity of a system decides on its competitiveness – in particular in international process industries. In the chemical, petrochemical, gas production and related sectors, the small and almost invisible elements of a facility or a column are playing a crucial role; we are talking about gaskets. Their technology, quality and durability decide on productivity or downtime.

revoseal is partner of the process industry for extraordinarily efficient gaskets and with this in mind has taken over the products, patents and technical know-how. At revoseal the innovative capacity, quality and technology are combined with international service, professional key-accounting and technical expertise for sector-specific requirements.

At their Cologne location revoseal invests in research and development thus providing for a sustainable basis needed for further continuous improvement of the products as well as expansion of the portfolio in the near future.

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