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We have been a partner to the process industry for many years and specialize in exceptionally high-performance gaskets. With our customers' needs in mind, our focus is on technological progress and greater safety for people and the environment. We have developed our own patented sealing concept, which establishes metallic contact even at low tightening torques. As a result, fugitive emissions are reduced to almost zero, blowout resistance is dramatically increased and, in addition, pressure and temperature fluctuations can be compensated. Maintenance costs are reduced because there is no need to retighten bolts. We at revoseal know that the productivity of a plant determines its competitiveness. In chemical, petrochemical, gas generation and related industries, the small and almost invisible elements of a plant or column play a huge role: gaskets. Their technology, quality and durability make the difference between productivity or unwanted downtime. It is important to us to meet every customer requirement. Therefore, at revoseal, in addition to our high-performance gaskets, we naturally also carry standard gaskets and this at competitive prices. We would also be happy to advise you personally in detail. Simply get in touch with us for this purpose. You can find more information in our section: Downloads.

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What our partners say about revoseal


"We have been working intensively with revoseal for a long time. In the course of our cooperation, the problem of a groove/spring smooth joint in the rinsing process was discussed. revoseal took on the problem and, in close cooperation with the company Bayer AG, very quickly developed and implemented a one-piece solution. The new gaskets have since been introduced throughout the company. In addition, our employees have received a comprehensive introduction to the correct use of the solution. An excellent service!"


Hans-Georg Döring
Senior Project Manager | Covestro AG (formerly Bayer AG)

Exceptional productive customers need an exceptional and awesome service.

What makes revoseal unique and sets us apart from the competition are not only our innovative sealing systems, but also our customer-oriented approach. We always have our customers' wishes and needs in mind and have therefore tailored our products and, above all, our service to them. As a sealing expert, we offer various services related to sealing technology. We support our customers in the quality assurance of flange assembly as an independent expert and act as a full service provider in the event of critical shutdowns of individual plant components. In addition, we are happy to support you in the calculation of your flange connection. We cooperate with our sister company tec-log for a smooth assembly service. We take care of the planning, supervise the assembly, check relevant components, analyze necessary processes, avoid costs, guarantee safety and reduce downtime duration with our experienced and certified personnel. We are the right partner for your undertakings.

With our experience and expertise, we offer training in sealing technology, as well as flange assembly training based on 1591-4, including basic training in sealing technology, assembly training and operator-specific training. We provide flange calculations of gasket joints according to 1591-1 and develop customized solutions.

Exceptionally productive equipment requires exceptionally high-performing gaskets. Our product range:

Customized solutions starting from quantity one or complete delivery of all sealing components of a plant? We always have just the right offer for you. In addition to our high-performance gaskets, we also sell high-quality standard gaskets at competitive prices. We have the right product for every project, for every plant and for every flange. Our gaskets have the lowest leakage rate on the market. Our products are designed for longevity and to increase the productivity of your plant and minimize maintenance. Long-term testing has shown that revoseal sealing systems have reduced our customers' costs immensely. Our gaskets can withstand the highest temperature loads and pressures, and the encapsulated graphite/PFTE ensures that fugitive emissions at flanged joints are reduced to near zero. With revoseal you operate your valuable equipment safely, environmentally friendly and with low maintenance. For more info, see our product catalog at downloads or our product page. We guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. Once you have chosen revoseal, you will stay with revoseal, because our patented sealing concept and customer-oriented service are proven every day in large-scale plants worldwide - in the chemical, petrochemical, gas generation and related industries.


Do you have questions, a request, or do you want to learn more about our products? We will support and advise you on your application. In addition to our own sealing concept, we also offer all kinds of standard gaskets at competitive prices. Just send us a message via our contact form. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your data is protected and encrypted via this form. We look forward to hearing from you!