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Semi-metallic gaskets

Semi-metallic gaskets are material combination gaskets that predominantly belong to the category of flat gaskets. Flat gaskets, in turn, mainly belong to the static gasket category and are usually installed in apparatus or pipeline construction as a sealing element between two flanges. Semi-metallic gaskets often consist of a punched or cut metallic ring covered with a soft material such as fiber composites, graphite, PTFE or elastomers. They are used in all common standard flanges such as groove/spring flanges, forward/backward flanges or flanges with a smooth sealing strip. Special shapes and designs are possible.

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revoseal spiral wound gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets consist of a mixture of metal and filler material. Generally, the gasket has a metal (usually high carbon or stainless steel) wound in a circular spiral outward (other shapes are possible), with the filler material (generally a flexible graphite) wound in the same way, but from the opposite side. This results in alternating layers of filler and metal. The filler in these gaskets acts as the sealing element, while the metal provides structural support. These gaskets have proven reliable in most applications and allow for lower clamping forces than solid gaskets, but at a higher cost.

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revoseal cam profile gaskets

A cam profile gasket consists of a metallic carrier on which the turned-in comb profile is located. The soft material overlays are applied to this profile. During pressing, the soft material is pressed into the combs, thus forming a thin layer between the comb tips and the sealing surface (flange surface). Comb profile gaskets are used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants, and power plants and are excellent for sealing flanges subjected to high pressure and temperature loads. The concentric geometric shape of the metal core profile provides pressure peaks at the tips of the webs, preventing any leakage through the sealing surfaces (labyrinth effect). The metal core means there is no possibility of crushing, so the gasket can withstand extremely high torque loads.

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