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Soft material gaskets

Soft gaskets usually belong to the category of flat gaskets and thus to static gaskets. Soft gaskets are punched or cut from various materials such as fibers, graphite or PTFE. The gaskets can be used in all common standard flanges, such as flanges with a smooth sealing strip, tongue-and-groove flanges, or forward/backward flanges. In the case of flanges with a smooth sealing face, the EN 1092-1 standard distinguishes between B1 and B2, which are characterized by different roughness depths. The standard B1 form is recommended here for soft-material gaskets, since the rough surface improves the sealing effect of soft-material gaskets. In addition to the standard gaskets, a large number of special shapes and designs are possible.

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revoseal PTFE gaskets

Flat gaskets made of PTFE are high-quality seals that are used in particular in the chemical and food industries. PTFE seals are almost universally resistant to chemicals and solvents. Pure PTFE is used for low mechanical stress, low pressure to be sealed and low operating temperature [max. 100 °C] of the medium to be conveyed. In a temperature range in which the properties are kept constant, it can be used from -200 °C to +260 °C. Modified PTFE has significantly lower deformation under load even at elevated temperatures and reduction of permeability to gases and vapors due to a low-porosity homogeneous microstructure.

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revoseal graphite gaskets

Graphite gaskets are characterized in particular by their high compressibility, very good compensating capacity and good chemical resistance. The high flexibility of graphite allows good adaptability to unevenness and roughness of the flange. Depending on requirements, graphite gaskets can be designed as a pure foil, as a gasket with bonded stainless steel sheet inserts or in a non-adhesive composite with stainless steel foils. The use of an inner flange can increase the operational reliability of graphite gaskets. Graphite gaskets require careful handling during handling and installation to avoid scratching the gasket surface.

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