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As you are visiting our website, you certainly know exactly how important continuous or permanent productivity of your plant is. Besides the quality of your products, this ultimately determines your competitiveness, especially in the international process industry. In the chemical, petrochemical, gas production and related industries, the smallest and almost invisible elements of a plant or column are of key importance: gaskets. The smooth running of your plant decides on the continuous, efficient and above all profitable productivity of your company or, in the worst case, on downtime and high maintenance costs. With our patented and certified technology, we offer gaskets with the lowest leakage rate in the entire world market. With our revoseal products, you drastically reduce your costs and maintenance, minimize downtime, and protect your personnel and the environment. With revoseal, costs are reduced, downtime is minimized and maintenance work is reduced to a minimum, as retightening of the screws is not necessary.


For lasting productivity

Our high-performance gaskets guarantee the productivity of your systems and enable a noticeable reduction in costs and downtime by significantly minimizing maintenance work. Retightening of screws is no longer necessary. Unscheduled downtime of your plants and production losses are reduced.

What makes revoseal so unique?

Our internationally patented products are suitable for any application and can withstand temperatures between - 270°C and + 1000°C and pressures up to 400 bar (1,500 lbs), depending on the product type. Depending on the gasket, the graphite or PTFE overlay is completely encapsulated. The geometry of the sealing tooth is calculated that even when using low-grade screws, ideal compression of the graphite and a dual metallic seal can be realized. So the advantages of metallic and soft sealing are ideally combined. Diffuse emissions are eliminated, the environment and personnel are protected and costs are reduced because hardly any maintenance is required. Our gaskets have the lowest leakage rate on the international market and that is exactly what makes us unique. With revoseal you can produce safely!

The lowest leakage rate on the world market

Our contribution to your success are exceptionally high-performance gaskets, because that is what we at revoseal have specialized in for years. We are a gasket manufacturer with a proprietary sealing system that creates a metallic bond even at low tightening torques. We at revoseal have the appropriate products, patents and technical know-how for your ventures. Innovative strength, quality and technology are combined at revoseal, with international service, professional key accounting and technical expertise for all industry-specific requirements. In research and development, revoseal invests in our site near Cologne, creating sustainable foundations for the continuous improvement of our products. Our products are developed to highest standards and produced under optimal conditions. With revoseal as gasket manufacturer at your side, you have a reliable partner with many years of experience and great expertise in the process industry.

Gaskets for every application. A wide revoseal product range.

It is important for us to meet every customer requirement. Therefore, at revoseal, in addition to our high-performance gaskets, we also sell high-quality standard gaskets at competitive prices. We would be happy to advise you personally in detail. Simply get in touch with us for this purpose. You can find further information in our section: Downloads.

More safety for people and environment - what drives us.

Desire and aspiration for "More safety for people and environment" through technological progress moves and motivates us, without losing sight of the needs of our customers. In addition to our products, as sealing experts, we also offer various services, such as training in flange assembly or general sealing technology, flange calculations according to 1591-1 or assistance during shutdowns e.g. for quality assurance during flange assembly.


Do you have questions, a request, or do you want to learn more about our products? We will support and advise you on your application. In addition to our own sealing concept, we also offer all kinds of standard gaskets at competitive prices. Just send us a message via our contact form. We will then get in touch with you as soon as possible. Your data is protected and encrypted via this form. We look forward to hearing from you!