Universal centering system

revoseal revoseal System Vario

The centering rings of gaskets with the same nominal size but different pressure ratings differ only in their outer diameter when installed. When installing non-corresponding dimensions, this can lead to malfunctions and seal failure. The Vario centering system prevents incorrect use, at the same time reducing the number of gasket types to be kept in stock and increasing plant availability.

The variable centering system Vario of revoseal is the solution.
The shape of the centering segments allows different outside diameters to be compensated. The risk of confusion and decentering is eliminated. Time-consuming positioning by means of expansion shaft screws is no longer necessary.


  • Considerable reduction of type varieties
  • Accurate centering of the gasket
  • Considerable cost-savings in procurement and storage
  • No danger of confusion
  • Easy assembly at using fatigue-shaft screws

revoseal System Vario

Vario Installation Quick Start Guide

Type Cross section Designation Download
Vario revoseal System Vario The revoseal Vario centering system can be delivered for serrated gaskets as well as for the encapsulated gaskets JG and JP developed by us. Download PDF download PDF

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