revoseal Lens gasket

Lens gaskets, also known as high-pressure lenses or sealing lenses, are all-metal, machined sealing elements. Sealing lenses are mainly used in the high-pressure sector, preferably in pipe flanges. Their two outer surfaces are curved on both sides. The prerequisite for their use is lens flanges that have a negative of the shape of the lens seal as a mating surface. This design prevents overpressing during assembly due to the disproportionately low increase in pressure. Most of the lens seals used today are manufactured according to the well-known standard DIN 2696, which describes lens seals from DN 10 PN 63 to DN300 PN 400. In addition to this standard, there are many other company specifications or national standards that describe in detail certain shapes and details of lenses. All these special designs are covered by our product range.


  • Insensitive to overpressing
  • Ideal in high pressure applications
  • High compressive strength
  • Wide range of geometries and alloy types
  • Roughness of Rz <= 6.3 is required in the radial direction for the sealing surfaces

revoseal - awesome applications require awesome gaskets
Type Cross section Designation Download
JL S revoseal - awesome applications require awesome gaskets revoseal lens gasket according to DIN 2696
JL K revoseal Customized according to drawing
JL S revoseal - awesome applications require awesome gaskets revoseal half lens with sealing profile

Further information and versions on demand.



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