Embossed metal gasket

revoseal revoseal Visio

The Visio consists of a solid stainless steel carrier with embossed inner and outer teeth and graphite or PTFE overlay on both sides. A resilient "tooth" is stamped into each of the medium and atmospheric sides, providing a metallic seal on both sides of the flange. The resilient teeth can absorb alternating forces without plastic deformation. This eliminates the need to retighten the bolts. Due to the design of the gasket, it already meets the requirements of TA-Luft at the lowest tightening torques of the bolts. This means that high-quality screws can be dispensed with. Even at a high surface pressure of over 600 MPa, the seal geometry is not destructible.


  • Temperature: -200°C to + 500°C
  • Pressure: from vacuum to 160 bar (900 lbs)
  • Over-achieves TA-Luft and VDI 2290 in connection with a leakage calculation according to EN 1591-1 (also at using screws of minor quality)
  • Standard material 1.4571 (additional materials on request)
  • Total thickness 1.6 mm (+/- 0.1 mm)
  • Fire Safe Certificate according to API 607 (also for PTFE) and blow-out resistance according to VDI 2200

revoseal Visio

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Type Cross section Designation Download
Visio revoseal Visio The Visio consists of a solid stainless steel carrier with embossed inside and outside cog and graphite or PTFE layers on both sides. It is also suitable for tongue and groove, male and female facings and device flanges with webs. Owing to the flexible construction re-tightening of the flanges is no longer necessary also at strong pressure and temperature fluctuations. Download PDF download PDF

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